Cynthia Gerothanasiou


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HieRoToPY 2018

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Born in Thessaloniki Greece. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of the Aristotle University_ Thessaloniki. She holds an MA in Audio-Visual Arts , obtained in the department of Audio and Visual Arts- Ionian University_ Corfu-Greece.

Her artistic work also focuses on the installation field. Fragility and cruelty in the social field, and the invisible life processes are aspects that the artist explores, while using mixed materials and multiple expressive means. She has performed several group and solo presentations in Greece and abroad, while her work has received international awards and found in private collections and museums. She often chooses to work on a group artwork.

She also works as a scenery and costume designer. She is involved in garment creative design. Since 2016 she has been teaching in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts_University of Western Macedonia_Florina_Greece. She lives and works between Thessaloniki, Florina and Vienna.

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