Cynthia Gerothanasiou


HieRoToPY 2018

Visual installation with sound-video and performance, 3Dpen PLA-ABS ink, imitation gold leaf, mixed materials, variable dimensions.

How and Where is the “sanctuary” now identified?

The visitor is invited to communicate with a large-scale organic form, like a neural network, which, installed in a swing and grows freely in space.Two radar video projections, on the cupola and on the main entrance with sonar sounds environment consist indicators of the form’s and person’s detection and watching activity. The third video is projected on the form gives the feeling of a sensitive light activity in it. Three small mattresses with symbolisms borrowed from the the greek and byzantine tradition, lay on the floor performing a life way-bridge of passthrough.
The grid like a nebula of mental and emotional processes, surrounds us and connects us.The Information that is being handled creates “yarns” but also paths of a cosmic invisible lace that we encircle while indicating the “invisible” interconnection space and everyday ritual in the form of prayer.”Synapses as the space of an “unholy holiness”, of our daily lives through an “invisible writing”, notes the Art Historian Dorothea Konteletzidou, which attempt to define and to invoke the sacredness of a Place which bears the traces of the past but to indicate the random and non-random connections of millions of neurones in order to suppose the way of development of intelligence. The permanence of the object, in this case Cynthia’s Gerothanasiou installation, serves as the basis of reality, as an aesthetically motivated stage that attempts to classify and ponder over ideas, assumptions and logic that shape cognitive development” and define the quality of our coexistence .

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