Cynthia Gerothanasiou



HieRoToPY 2018 – Copy – Copy

HieRoToPY 2018 [URIS id=1603] HieRoToPY wonders where and how the “sanctum” defined today…  a large-scale organic form like a neural network, with gold synapses installed in a swing, grows freely in space.The grid, like a nebula of mental and emotional processes, surrounds us and connects us.The Information that is being handled creates yarns a cosmic invisible lace. It …

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HieRoToPY 2018

HieRoToPY 2018 Born in Thessaloniki Greece. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of the Aristotle University_ Thessaloniki. She holds an MA in Audio-Visual Arts , obtained in the department of Audio and Visual Arts- Ionian University_ Corfu-Greece. Her artistic work also focuses on the installation field. Fragility and cruelty in the social field, and …

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